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Even 60 years ago, Nepal was a forbidden kingdom. Legally there was polygamy and child marriage. Technically Nepal stuck in the Middle Ages - there was no aircraft or road,

and people did not understand that the snow melts, and the Earth is round. The first plane landed in Nepal in 1949, and only seven years later Kathmandu merged with the world first road. The old generation of Nepalis says: My parents were born in the Middle Ages, my children belong to the twenty-first century. Only our lives combines the Middle Ages with the new millennium. No more no Nepalese will not live in so many eras.

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For me, this is not a land of Nepal Sherpas who help the stock exchange brokers, paying 60 $ 000 a head to climb Mount Everest. This is not trekking around the Annapurna, which attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world. It's not 5 millions Kathmandu tourist district of Thamel, smog, and a tangle of electrical wires. Nepal, who want to remember, is exactly what he says the older generation - a country that has passed since the Middle Ages in the new millennium at a time equal to the life of one man.

Therefore, already does not surprise me that at the moment the Mustang can be reached by jeep, porters turned flops on kroksy, everyone has a cell phone, and little hotels closer to civilization is the internet and gas shower. On the other hand - because I have a choice - go where you can not get where you often see an eagle than a man, a true luxury is a little bit of heat (goat ignites when the locals have determined that the night will be cold).

 Plan trekking:

10/29/2016 Kathmandu - Dharapani (1860 m) / 12 hours of driving - first by car, then by jeep

10/30/2016 Dharapani - Koto (2600 m) / 6 hours crossing

31.10.2016 Koto - Meta / 9 hours pass / begins to be highly 3570 m

01/11/2016 Meta by Kyang to Phoo (3840 m) / 9 hours pass so-called nepali flat

2/11/2016 Day in Phoo (acclimatization and explore the surroundings)

11/03/2016 Phoo - Naar Phedi (Mahendrapui Gompa) (3490 m) / 10 hours crossing

04/11/2016 Naar Phedi- Naar (4100 m) / 6 hours pass

11/05/2016 Naar - Kangle Phedi (4500 m) - Switch Kangle (5320 m) - Ngawal (3660m) / 12 hours crossing

11/06/2016 Ngawal - Manang (3550 m) / 4 hours pass

07/11/2016 Manang- Pisang (3200 m) / 5 hours crossing

08/11/2016 Pisang- Chame (2700 m) / 5 hours crossing

9.11. 2016 Chame- Kathmandu / 12 hours by jeep and car

This article was originally written by Malgorazata Czarnecka in POlish Language , Bogdan and his wife our close friend made it to Nepal 2nd time after Nar Phu and Participated in this special Trek from Warsaw . their third visit to Nepal will be most probably Dolpo . if you want to read their more travel and tips plz visit her wordpress site https://margoczarnecka.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/nepal-naar-phoo-valley-trekking/

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