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Ghorepani Punhill with Childrens

During the first week of 2016 I was wrapping up my month long tour of the Unites States in the Nepalese section of New York called Jackson heights before returning home.

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Despite the constant media concern regarding the post earthquake conditions, I received an email to my Good Karma Trekking account from an entire family eager to visit Nepal. It was refreshing to see adventurous people were considering visiting Nepal again which is heavily reliant on the tourism industry which has been lagging since the earthquake. As I read, it seems that a woman named Sinead and her 9 year old son were interested in hiking Poon Hill.

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After considering the region, I suggested that they complete the Ghorepani and Poon Hill trek to experience the mountain views of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Fishtail in the region lying near Pokhara. After a few emails back and forth to arrange accommodations in Pokhara and the transportation logistics from Kathmandu, I had the pleasure of meeting Sinead’s brother Kiran who works for the Nepal Red Cross who confirmed his sister’s trip. 2 months after receiving the first email, I received Sinead and her family.

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After realizing that I myself hadn’t been to Ghorepani in nearly 5 years I decided to join the family on their tour. The group consisted of the Cunningham boys Diarmed and Kieran 9 and 14 years old, their sister Megan 11 years old, their parents Sinead and Declan along with their uncle Cirean. When joined by myself Nabraj Ghimire (Raj) and our Good Karma Trekking team staff Mr. Sandip, when headed out for the Pritibi highway to stop in Dumre to collect our guide and two porters from the Lamjung region after a 40 KM drive. As always, Good Karma Trekking hires local staff for our groups and the team included Tek Jung Gurung as a guide and Shyam Pariyar and Yub Raj Gurung as porters.ghorepani 2

On March 21st, we headed out for Pokhara for our reservations at the new Coast hotel in the lakeside region facing Phewa lake and began our trek the next morning. The views during the 4 day trek were spectacular with red rhododendrons in blossom spanning the region Ghorepani to Banthati and even a few nestled in Poon Hill. I was inspired to watch as we began our 3,210-meter high excursion to poon hill to see the determination of the 9 years young child as he struggled but eventually made his way to the top to experience the unforgettable views of Poon Hill and thought it was worth every step. You can read about the groups day to day activities with Gook Karma on trip advisor on an article beautifully written by Sinead. After completing their trip, we have made 5 new packages to get the most out of the Poon Hill region.

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1) Ghorepani Pun Hill Short Trek
2) Modern Poon Hill Trek
3) Greater Poon Hill Trek
4) Pun Hill Counterclockwise trek
5) Ghorepani Pun Hill Marathon 

6) Original Ghorepani Punhill Trek

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Despite the constant media attention showing the suffering country of Nepal, much of this is just to gather attention and travel in Nepal is once again a safe yet adventurous option for many travelers like Sinead and her family. If anything now is the time to visit as many locals depend on tourism for their livelihood and it is less crowded and touristic since the earthquake which leaves more adventure and secluded beauty for you.

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